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Dental Implants

Transforming Dental Health

As two of the most trusted experts in implant and restorative dentistry in South Florida, award-winning Dr. Max and Dr. Gatta make the dental implant experience comfortable and easy. They provide comprehensive treatment planning and integrate preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. And with 35 years of expertise in dentistry, the most advanced dental technology, highly skilled dental technicians and the highest quality materials, Dr. Max and Dr. Gatta ensure that each patient is delighted with their results.

Dental implants have high success rates and are an excellent way to replace severely damaged or missing teeth. Implant restorations appear virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.”

In fact, not only do implants provide great aesthetics, but they provide outstanding bone support and stability without risk of dental decay. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth, several missing teeth, or secure removable dentures. And dental implants only affect the immediate replacement site without injuring bordering teeth.

Since dental implants replace the root of the tooth and fuse with the jawbone, they can help stop bone loss. Consequently, they can help restore speech in patients who have suffered from missing teeth and bone structure. Dental implants can also help relieve joint pain caused by missing teeth and teeth shifting as well as restore the ability to chew and digest properly.

Dental implants are highly durable but may require slight adjustments from time-to-time. If you are missing one or more teeth or are using partial or complete dentures, consult with Dr. Max and Dr. Gatta to determine if a dental implant is an appropriate solution for you.

Dental Implants

Over 120 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth, and 36 million do not have any teeth at all. Without functioning teeth, many individuals encounter severe medical problems, struggle to eat solid food, and lose confidence. For many experiencing tooth loss dental implants offer a chance for a fresh start, but traditionally treatments involved long, multi-step procedures that were complicated and costly. Thankfully, advances in technology and digital dentistry have changed all of that, with prosthodontists leading the way. Now, patients can have implant procedures done in as little as one day, leaving with a full set of new, healthy teeth.

“Many of my patients feel trapped in a never ending dental cycle,” said board certified prosthodontist Derek Gatta . “Having a quicker solution provides much needed relief and hope.” This approach provides a restored smile quicker than ever, with fewer appointments, and much less hassle. The result is a better experience for the millions of Americans in need of transformative dental treatments. “The first step is to find out if you are a candidate by speaking to a prosthodontist,” said Dr. Gatta. “Patients will typically have a pre-procedure exam to review health history and design their smile. The next step is the one day dental implant procedure. Once healing is complete, patients return for another appointment to finalize their new smile.”

Prosthodontists receive advanced training beyond dental school in the placement and restoration of dental implants, enabling them to provide safe, effective, and sophisticated treatment plans with implants, restoring your smile through the utilization of the latest dental technology. As the leaders in the field of dental implants, prosthodontists perform more full-mouth implant restorations than any other specialty in the dental field; they are the professionals of choice for immediate smile transformations.  

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